No longer reserved for the ultra-wealthy, this strategy can be used to supercharge your retirement!

In 2013, I sold my local business and started studying for my insurance license. I had a tough couple of years, but I felt like I could really help people with their insurance needs. Starting an insurance Agency from scratch and not knowing what you're doing is not easy. I quit many times and eventually sold to a friend and just worked for him until I decided to become an independent agent. As an Independent agent I soon learned that selling Home and Auto policies was not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. A good friend of mine Bought his son an Indexed Universal Life Policy and after learning how it worked I knew that I could help people avoid the mistakes that I made and help people get started with a solid financial foundation and a path to a “Real Retirement”. I had life insurance, 401ks and unfortunately cashed out everything over the years during the hard times and found myself in my 50’s with no retirement and an expiring life insurance policy and uninsurable. With my own insurance and retirement mistakes and seeing older people having to work until the day they die because they don’t have enough money to retire. I want to help people retire with dignity so they don’t have to be a burden on their families and be able to enjoy their retirement years. My favorite part of this job is knowing that you are helping families on what is the worst days of their lives not become the worst years of their lives by destroying their financial health. What I enjoy about my work is that I can really help people. My passion is small business owners. Most have some retirement, but the retirement plan values go up and down and with all the costs involved and are almost impossible to understand. Most of the plans I use, they don’t lose money. They have zero downside. It’s easy to understand and tax-free. It’s amazing. Every problem I had with my 401k, personally, this solved it. I wish I knew this 30 years ago.


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Risk-Free Growth

You can earn stock market gains without the stock market losses. Your account can never experience a loss no matter how much the stock market plummets.

Tax-Free Income

This strategy will provide tax-free income during your retirement years. Unlike "qualified" plans it will not be subject to a tax hike.

Cashflow You Can't Outlive

If set up properly, this strategy will provide income you can rely on year after year no matter how long you live.

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